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Book Launch Oct 26th – What’s Wrong With My Child’ Elizabeth Harris -

Book - ‘America Is Infected’ Elizabeth Harris

Molecular labs - Cunningham panel – PANDAS test -

James Lehman – Total Transformation Program -

Dr Latimer, Washing, DC, IV immunoglobulin -

Dr Rosario Trifiletti –

CDC – Centre For Disease Control and Prevention

Film & Book – Brain on Fire, Sushanna Cahalan -

Book – The Brain That Changed Itself, Norman Doidge -

Dr Garth Nicolson

Mycoplasma Experiments Conducted in Texas Prisons -

Rheumatic Fever -

Rock Bottom Wellness - Tiffany Flaten
High Energy Girl - Tracee Gluhatch

Functionally Autoimmune - Brandi Muilenburg

Jeremy Ryan Slate

Info Wars

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