I am Elizabeth,

and I know what it’s like to be desperate for answers to what’s wrong with my child.

My son was 11 when after yet another strep infection, he started exhibiting symptoms I had never seen in him before. This set our family on a path I wish we never had to go down—dealing with countless doctors and hospitals, fighting our state’s unempathetic juvenile detention system, wrestling with addictions, and more.

We all but cracked under the pressure.

As a science-minded and tenacious mom, I kept researching how my son and our family could get well. (You can read about the journey in my book, What’s Wrong with My Child?, available here and wherever you buy books.)

Though I used a long-term antibiotic regimen to treat my son and our family, I have since discovered a way to measure the body’s energy and map out a path toward healing.

I have always loved science and had no idea how it would someday help me in getting my family on a path to wellness. Long before I had kids (I have four), I got a Bachelors in Science in Biology and Chemistry. From there, I went on to the American College of Sports Medicine for further training in Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and Cardiac Rehab. Later, I would be certified as a Master Herbalist, and most recently, I embarked on a Master of Molecular Medicine.

My family and I moved to Tennessee in 2001 to launch Cool Springs’ first spa: La Bella e Famosa. As a science-minded spa owner, I developed my own skin care line and cellulite reduction device, and I grew La Bella to be the most successful facial and body contouring spa in the Nashville area.

I was in my element. And then life happened.

My one son was diagnosed with PANDAS while one family member after another started exhibiting strange symptoms. (Again, you can read about it here.)

My education, life experience, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit would prove to be the very thing that saved my life and the lives of my children—especially my son who had PANDAS.

At first, we followed an antibiotic protocol for all of us to get well. But along the way, I discovered the benefits of using the ZYTO Scan Elite to assist me in continued healing for my family and mapping out a path to healing for clients.

Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as seeing folks regain their health. Knowing how hard it is to watch your child spin out of control, I love sharing with other parents what I had learned.

It has now been years since my son has had a flare. Imagine if you could say the same.

The body is complex.

We’ll help you listen to what it’s trying to tell you.

You’ve tried everything to help your child get better.

Nothing so far has helped.

We’ve been there. And we can help.

Tired of not knowing how to help your child?

We can help.

It’s all connected.

PANDAS. PANS. Autoimmunity. Infection.

And we are here to help guide you on a path to healing.

I’ll bet you can relate. For too many years, I was desperate for answers. My son had been diagnosed with PANDAS, and no-one could tell me how he’d get well. Some doctors said his condition was irreversible.

We tried everything from IVIG to talk therapy and lots of things in between. We drove all over the country to find help. Still, he ended up in a juvenile detention center, and things went from bad to worse. (You probably have similar stories.)

I meticulously studied my son’s labs. I asked so many questions that I wore doctors out. I read medical article after medical article with a dictionary next to me, trying to understand more, learning more than I cared to know as the days turned to years.

In my obsessive research, I found the root cause of my son’s infection and discovered a path to healing. Our family’s path to healing involved extensive treatment with antibiotics. So I kept looking for a simpler treatment plan so I could help other families get well.

In ___, we added ZYTO Scan Elite—a specialized scan that gives us a detailed view of stressors in the body’s energy system and helps us map out a path to wellness—and medical-grade nutraceuticals to our wide range of services we offer at our wellness spa in Franklin, TN. In doing so, we have successfully worked with clients to conquer…

If only I had access to this when my son was sick. It would have saved us lots of money and a slew of heartache. It has been years since he has had a flare, but our journey has changed my life and has set me on a mission to help other families get well.

Embark on your path to healing