What Others Say About Working with Us

The ever increasing list of diagnoses my son kept getting didn’t sit right with me.  How can one child have ADHD, ODD, OCD, enuresis, sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, academic decline and many more issues? The diagnoses kept piling up... as did the individual medicines to treat them.

I dug deep and went through many rabbit holes on the internet. I knew there had to be a connection. I was finally the one to identify PANS/PANDAS in my son. He literally had all the classic symptoms. My pediatrician was hesitant to affirm my suspicions at first, but agreed to let me go through the diagnostic process. Among many other interventions, we started neurofeedback and chiropractic treatment.  It was my son’s neurofeedback practitioner who suggested that I meet with Elizabeth. 

Within just six weeks [of being treated by Elizabeth], my son was no longer using a CPAP, his restless leg syndrome was gone, and the psych meds we relied on so heavily were no longer needed. Over the following months, he became successful in school, both academically and behaviorally. He made several friends and was finally able to spend a night away from home. Now, we can even take family trips!

Though I saw it with my own eyes, I am still in disbelief.

- Athena West

I am a mother of one child with Down syndrome and Asperger’s and one with cerebral palsy and post-traumatic stress disorder. Thanks to Elizabeth’s findings, I had my children tested. Not only were my children infected, but our entire family was! Once we began treatment, though, many of the symptoms disappeared.

It is my opinion that children with Down syndrome are disproportionately afflicted by the bacteria Elizabeth highlights in her book, with only a tiny fraction of the parents being aware of the situation. This may be the root of severe behavior problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and why your child might not be talking. Scary as it may sound, there are answers. Elizabeth has spent countless hours ferreting out the facts for us.

Any mother with children with medical needs will be able to identify with Elizabeth’s struggle to find answers and to help her children get well.

- Andi Durkin
President: Down Syndrome OPTIONs
Blogger at Down Syndrome: A Day-to-Day Guide

I have a masters degree in social work and I’ve struggled with clinical depression on and off for my entire life. I always attributed it to my extremely traumatic childhood and used psych meds to manage the symptoms. The psych meds weren’t enough and my brain was actually hurting. Within four months [of being treated by Elizabeth], I went from non functional to functioning normally and off all psych meds. It’s a miracle.

- Julianna, 70

My 5 year old son was completely out of control. I knew that he had PANDAS the minute I read the description. We decided to take control and treat the whole family before something awful happened. Within 6 months, there has been a night and day difference in all our family members. I couldn’t be more grateful.

- Catherine, 42