Zyto Elite

Once my son was well, I was determined to help other families through my wellness spa. I discovered a system called ZYTO Scan Elite. This scan identifies stressors in the body’s energy system and identifies biological information that is not accessible through traditional testing.

As a decision-support technology, the ZYTO scan assists the team at What’s Wrong Wellness to map out a path to wellness for you and your child.

How does it work?

What Happens During My 60-Minute Scan?

  1. Is the scan dangerous for an infant, someone who is pregnant, or who has a pacemaker?

    There are no contraindications, so clients can undergo ZYTO scans as often as they need. The scans are considered safe for people of all ages including infants, people with pacemakers, and women who are pregnant.

  2. How accurate are the results of the ZYTO scan?

    ZYTO practitioners have performed tens of thousands of assessments worldwide. Practitioners have also used other modalities to evaluate the results of their ZYTO software with great success. A recent hospital study showed a 95.2% correlation between the results of ZYTO’s technology and the recommendations of primary-care physicians.

  3. Are the results reproducible?

    Because the energetic field, which processes 400 million impulses of information per second is the basis for testing, we don’t expect reproducibility. When dealing with complex mind matter systems, repeatable measurements are not expected. Instead, we look for repeated patterns and trends, which give us a much more accurate picture rather than a potentially misleading snapshot of a single moment in time.

  4. What does a range indicate?

    The range shows the body’s ability to respond to stress. Anything between 5-20 is a stress response considered within the normal range. Outside of that means the body is having a hard time dealing with typical stressors. A range of 20-50 indicates more acute/short term stress, like changing a job. Above 50 is an indicator of chronic stress.

  5. Why do things show up on my report that I can’t possibly have?

    Since the ZYTO scanner measures the energy that a "virtual stressor" has when it is presented to your body, it makes sense that the scan can turn up surprising information. Reasons for an out-of-range response could include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Your body could be having an out of range response to something that is actually causing your body stress, but you are unaware of it.

    • The stressor could be a miasm, which is a genetic stressor that has been passed down through the generations. For instance, a man who had untreated syphilis three generations ago is far more likely to have a great grandson who expresses neurobehavioral abnormalities when exposed to stressors than someone who did not have that history. This is very important to developing an effective treatment plan.

    • If that stress were present, your body would not be able handle the stress without issue.

    • There is an energetic tie to the stressor, your body dealt with that stress in the past and may act threatened by the prospect of dealing with that stress again. Or, your body is energetically aware of how the stress could impact you and your body gives an out of range response.

    These variances make it imperative for your practitioner to be an expert in managing the presenting condition and clearing the root stressors related to the condition. At What’s Wrong Wellness, the practitioners are such experts.